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Lomography Processing - 'What is Lomography?'
Lomography is a style of photography inspired by its Austrian founders.The name comes from LOMO Plc who created a 35mm camera, the Lomo LC-A Compact Automat Camera, in the 1980's
In the early 1990's a group of Austrian students holidaying in Prague came across the old Russian camera and were impressed with the "unique, colourful & sometimes blurry" images that the camera produced.
All rules of 'good' photography were ignored and the resulting images soon became a popular style of photography.  The unpredictability of this type of photography has lead to the creation of both a Lomographic Community and the Lomographic Society International.
These both provide lomo photographers to share their experiences and images with each other and to support the growth and support of this art form.
thephotoshoponline can process all types and styles of Lomographic Photography
What We Can Process?
Normal 35mm developing and scanning (no unusable scanning requests) is the same price as normal C41 colour films.
Cross Processing  E6 to C41  (No extra on top of normal 35mm colour film price).
Cross Processing  C41 to E6  (£5 extra on top of normal 35mm colour film price).
Pinhole one frame including sproket's is the same price as 126 & 127 film prices.
Pinhole Panoramic is the same price as 126 & 127 film Prices.
Sprocket film is the same price as 126 & 127 film.
110 C41 is the same price as normal C41 110 prices.
110 Black and White is £5 extra on normal 110 c41 prices.
Uncut Negatives are £2.50 (to cover extra postage).
If you need any help or advice please EMAIL or Call on 01706 218777
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