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What does restoration include?

Removing & replacing backgrounds, removing/adding people in group photos, composite work, photo stitching, panoramic photos, photo merging, photo montages and more. 

What can be repaired?

Fire damage, water damage, rips, tears, creases, fading, colour correction, tonal corrections, pen marks, replacing missing features, dust removal, and more. 



Some photos cannot be restored to a reasonably natural result because of excessive damage covering important details. Please note the limitations of the restoration service and see examples of what type of images cannot be restored.

We may be able to provide a limited service and restore around the areas of excess damage if you wish to continue with a restoration. It is best to bring in your photographs and request a quality check - we will be able to tell you what is and isn’t possible for your own photo.

We understand that sometimes only one or two photos may survive the family generations so we will always do our best to help you wherever possible.

Your photos will never leave the store premises. For the best results bring in originals and ask us to scan the photographs in-store.

Examples of damage


  • Images which have excessive damage across facial detail cannot be restored to a reasonable quality level.

  • Images which are pixilated or have low resolution.

  • Images where important details are blurred or damaged beyond recognition.

  • Images where facial details are missing.


In some cases if a reference image is supplied your photo may still be restorable. 

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